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Why do so many people end up disappointed when they finally enter the corporate world? The answer is that no college or management institution can prepare you fully for the cut-throat competition that is to be found in most workplaces. The reality of corporate environments can lead to stress; some people can even go into a downward career spiral.


This book will help you move ahead in your career no matter which corporation you work for. It is equally relevant for both young and seasoned professionals who aspire to reach the next level in their career. It gives specific tips on a variety of critical but often ignored practical aspects of working in an office, like basic communication techniques, emailing protocols, crisis management, conduct at meetings and conference calls, and a lot more.


Written in simple and lucid language, This book is packed with tools and strategies to empower the reader to be a winner at work.

Winning At Work by Anu Kaushal Manhotra

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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