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How do you discover and nurture your authentic and best self? Your twenties are a crucial decade as many life-altering decisions are made during this phase like embarking on careers and choosing life-partners. At this stage, individuals also crave autonomy but parents may still want to control facets of their life. Zero Limits addresses pivotal issues that individuals aged 18-35 grapple with and stitches together some eye-opening behind-closed-doors stories.


The result is an enlightening read with concrete, actionable tips and tools to make the most of your twenties. From maximizing the collegiate experience to crafting a career path to lifelong learning, this book is replete with realistic examples and suggestions on how to navigate a career skillfully. It also discusses relationships with peers, parents and significant others as well as the responsible use of digital technology, psychological resilience and self-care habits.


Weaving in real-life anecdotes based on interviews with young, aspiring Indians, this book provides effective, practical and relevant strategies for transitioning into adulthood. Most importantly, it is an intelligent and compassionate book that inspires youngsters to introspect, know and nurture their best selves.

Zero Limits by Aruna Sankaranarayanan

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