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Shweta is pregnant after six years of issues with infertility, but realizes that it might not be a reason to rejoice. Her husband, Rahu, and her in-laws expect her to give birth to a boy. Her mother-in-law pushes her to consult a doctor Who will reveal the gender of the child, illegally. Under pressure, Shweta agrees to see him.


As soon as Rahul finds out that their unborn child is a girl, he becomes even more abusive. Shweta is faced with a harsh choice–should she agree to abort the child and save her marriage or run away from home? She decides that she wants her baby girl to live. She runs away and takes shelter with her childhood friend, Neha. When she meets Sahil, the founder of the start-up where Neha works, Shweta feels a surprising Spark of attraction she hasn't felt in a long time.


Meanwhile, life stirs within shweta’s womb, restless to be born. As the child moves around, she hears a voice resonate within her being. She asks–who are you? Child, I am God, comes the reply, and a conversation begins. With elements of magical realism, this poignant novel is an unflinching portrayal of a woman’s innermost struggles in her journey to break free.

A Life Of My Own by Rupangi Sharma

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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