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Myths and legends jostle with the contemporary in these stories where social issues of our times resonate with the inevitability of the past. The lyricism of Carnatic ragas permeate the pages of this quiet and powerful book in which love is rendered in all its immeasurable avatars—parental, carnal, platonic, romantic, divine.


There is the woman who reinvents the notion of love in a unique way that amalgamates technology and spirituality through the Internet; a man full of love who can sing bulleh Shah and the woman who has lost her all in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots; the woman in the eponymous story who stands by her deaf daughter but understands why her husband must leave the home they have built with love all these years; the man who finds out what it is to be a woman after a dip in the pond...


These short stories are shorn of sentimentality but have a deep understand-ing of what it means to live, to love and to die. 

A Red-necked Green Bird by Ambai

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