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A chilling account of religious extremism

In 2010, T.J. Joseph, a professor of Malayalam at Newman College, Kerala, framed an innocuous question for an internal examination that changed his life forever. Following a trumped-up charge of blasphemy, members of a radical Islamist organization set upon him in public, viciously maiming him and chopping off his right hand. His memoir, told with amazing restraint and wry humour, is the moving tale of his life and family as they went through hell and beyond.


Here's the extraordinary story of a man who survived dismembering only to be betrayed by his
own Church. Let alone stand by him, it robbed him of his livelihood and isolated him from his community, driving Joseph's long-suffering wife to melancholia and eventual suicide. Joseph's story is one of fortitude, will power, forgiveness and compassion, told with rare wit that will make readers chuckle through their tears.

This is a tale that will leave the reader seething, weeping and smiling by turns.

A Thousand Cuts: An Innocent Question and Deadly Answers by T.J. Joseph

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