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How did the epic of Ramayana originate?
Which Rakshasa did Shatrughna kill?
Why was Hanuman angry with Lord Rama?
How did a king get stuck between the skies and Earth, upside down?
Why did Lakshmana not sleep for 14 years?
How did a sage become a crow?
Why did Ravana help Rama?
Why did Hanuman fight with his Lord Raama?
How did a ring become an explanation and a curse become an inspiration?
Who defeated both Lord Rama and Lakshmana single-handedly?

Here are more than 40 enchanting short stories that are usually unheard about Gods and demons, mountains and rivers, curses and boons, and magnificent creatures and powerful weapons from the immortal epic of Ramayana written in an easy, accessible and inimitable style by the author and packed with a lot of extra information. 

Allied Stories of the Ramayana by Ganeshkrishna

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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