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They tell us change is good for us, like a sort of magic pill. But how do we swallow it when it halts us in our tracks, disrupts our lives, and thwarts cherished plans? How do we begin to cope, let alone embrace, what seems like a destructive force? How do we build back with the ground shifting beneath our feet?


In Anitya – 'impermanence' in Sanskrit – mind-body-spirit counsellor and vipassana and vajrayana practitioner Gayatri Jayaraman shows us how to navigate the pain of change by practically applying the philosophy of the Buddha's Four Noble Truths – Dukkha (Suffering), Samudaya (the Cause), Nirodha (the Cessation), Magga (the Path) – in our lives. Weaving together allegories, real-life experiences of people from different walks of life, Zen stories, Vedic and Buddhist philosophies, and guided meditative practices that involve both the mind and body, this book pushes us to challenge our entrenched resistance to change and helps us heal ourselves.


Whether you're dealing with the loss of a loved one, the failure of a romantic relationship, an unfulfilling career path, or uncertainty and doubt brought on by a seemingly insurmountable global pandemic, Anitya will be your guide to making change work for you.


Use the cataclysm that change renders to create the life you want for yourself and spring anew.


For readers of Ikigai, The Book of Ichigo Ichie and Kaizen, ANITYA is a unique and powerful book to guide your healing journey.

Anitya by Gayatri Jayaraman

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