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From the Amazon India Bestselling author in the horror genre, comes this bone trembling psychological horror based on absolute reality.

After her husband Punit's death, Sanjana wakes up to a chilling nightmare of Punit trying to kill their son. She rushes to his room and finds out that he has had the exact same nightmare.

Ten years later, the dead husband shows up at their door. Sanjana sees that he looks like Punit, behaves like him, and knows everything he knew, but she is convinced that he is not her husband.

As the evidences, of Punit's death start disappearing, will Sanjana be able to save her son from this imposter and prove her husband's death before her sanity collapses?

When your eyes are the sole proof of reality, would you dare to believe that there are times when they lie?

As Death Stared Back by Ajinkya Bhasme

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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