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Mumbai is place you can call home and yet remain homeless. Friendly and hostile, generous and ruthless, no other city captures your imagination with such fierceness. And no other city obsesses as much over space with such passion.


The boy who calls a square on the pavement his 'ghar' or the globetrotting fashion entrepreneur at her Cumballa Hill home, a star waving out to his fans from his Bandra terrace, to the migrant who struggles to find acceptance in the city teeming with 'outsiders', every person in this city has a story of negotiating the idea of space.


This is an attempt to tell some of these stories, to understand what being 'at home' really means to those who have been part of the incredible narrative that is Mumbai.

At Home in Mumbai by Chandrima Pal

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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