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‘I really loved her but I broke up with her because my mother didn’t think she would adjust in our family.’ – Raul, engineer, 29 


‘I liked being angry. I wanted to hate the world, be angry, so I didn’t have to be sad.’ – Dhairya, photographer, 34


‘I want a harem. But I want to be the only guy in a woman’s life.’ – Dushyant, lawyer, 27


In startling, often revelatory interviews Dear Men shows how Indian men across ages navigate romantic relationships in a country that is still teetering on the cusp of modern and traditional.


Direct, often tongue-in-cheek, accessible and engaging, the book is an investigation of what sexual boundaries really mean to Indian men, how they deal with online dating, manage traditional gender roles, talk about their mental health, if they think romance is still relevant, what marriage means to them, and why they hurt the women they love.


Dear Men hopes to start an honest and open dialogue with Indian men about subjects that are becoming more and more relevant as movements like #MeToo gain traction.

Dear Men: Masculinity and Modern Love in India by Prachi Gangwani

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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