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Did you know that you need a Hayagriva to slay a Hayagriva?

Or that living beings can be created from something as gross as ear-wax or sweat?

Or that the way you pronounce a Sanskrit word can change your destiny, turning you into a buffalo instead of a queen?

Demons and Demonesses of Hindu Mythology takes you millions of years back in time when beings as tall as mountains walked the ground, their every stride causing earthquakes and tsunamis; when they stayed in their mother’s wombs for thousands of years before being born; when they transformed into lions or buffaloes or elephants in the blink of an eye and when encountering beings with five heads, three legs, twenty arms or indeed torsos without heads was not an exception, but the norm.

Plunge into the Garbhodaka Ocean where it all started and immerse yourself in the stories of some of the most exotic, magical and powerful asuras and rakshasas in Hindu mythology.

Demons and Demonesses of Hindu Mythology by Priya Narayanan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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