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In this unprecedented guide to the Vedas, celebrated author Frits Staal examines almost every aspect of these ancient sources of Indic civilization. Staal extracts concrete information from the oral tradition and archaeology about the Vedic people and their language, what they thought and did, and where they went and when. Using selections and translations, he sheds light on the mantras and rituals that contributed to Hindu thought.


Drawing comparisons with other Indic philosophies and religions, Staal unravels the Vedas and their meanings layer by layer. He reveals the original forms of the Vedic sciences, as well as the perceptive wisdom of the texts for the modern reader.


Accessible and finely argued, Discovering the Vedas contains a wealth of information about one of the most fascinating texts in the world.

Discovering the Vedas: Origins, Mantras, Rituals, Insights by Frits Staal

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