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When Charulata Srinivasan returns from the US to Mumbai following the unexpected death of her brother, Ravi, in an accident, she stumbles on something that suggests a more sinister game is in play.

With her suspicions that Ravi may have been murdered dismissed by the police, Charu has no choice but to turn to Ravi's best friend, David, and retired-policeman-turned-detective Anand to help her piece together the truth.

A startling discovery brings to light an immaculate blackmailing scheme, not only placing Charu in grave danger but also forcing her to grapple with the terrifying possibility that her brother was not the honest, decent man she thought him to be.

Can Charu deal with the horrifying truth to unravel the twisted threads of a conspiracy that has left her brother . . . and others . . . dead?

Like the farside of the moon, everyone has a face that has never been seen.
Does Charu have it in her to find the other side?

Farside by Jaishankar Krishnamurthy, Krishna Udayasankar

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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