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In the east, a pirate king finds his plans foiled by a formidable force of nature.

In the north, a majestic mountain range emerges from a demon's tantrum.

In the west, a sea keeps a city safely hidden in its deep waters.

In the south, the avatar of a god gives a forest its name.


Long ago, before science came up with explanations for the events that occurred in nature, people turned to stories to make sense of the wondrous workings of the natural world. And so, a life-giving stream became the gift of a goddess, a hot spring arose from the breath of a celestial snake and a heap of broken boulders served as a testament to a divine battle.


Zigzagging through myths, folklore, local history and geological theories, this extraordinary book draws fascinating connections between ancient tales and the science behind the spectacular geography of India.


Join Nalini Ramachandran on a most unusual, adventure-filled expedition up, down and across the country's varied terrain!

Gods, Giants and the Geography of India by Nalini Ramachandran

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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