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The literary offerings of the greatest essayists spanning centuries

Jonathan Swift ‘meditates upon a broomstick’ and Mark Twain tells us ‘how to tell a story’. While Ralph Waldo Emerson indulges in the dilemma of giving that ‘perfect gift’, Francis Bacon ruminates on the expression of ‘truth’. Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Walt Whitman, Arthur Schopenhauer and many more writers reveal their literary minds and finest writings on subjects as varied as love, sorrow, sleep, pets, friends, nature, childhood and anything and everything that portrays life.

Magisterial in scope and authentic in style, this collection, spanning generations of wit, wisdom and literary fables, brings together the greatest essays by the British and American literary treasures. This book includes a fine selection of long and major essays along with shorter but enticing pieces that will entertain, move and challenge the readers.

Greatest Essays by Rupa Publications

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