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“Hey, Ram! Do you remember me? Your Sita!”


“Sita who?”


“Come on! You can’t forget me so quickly! You, Lord Ram, the greatest king ever and the noblest man to have walked on earth, have you forgotten your obedient and subservient wife, an insignificant and dispensable being, the dirt under your feet?”


“Oh yes! It is indeed you, Sita! My queen, my love, my life! But why do I sense a hint of sarcasm in your voice? I thought you would be delighted. You’ve gained so much through our marriage: wealth, respect, status, motherhood, and even divinity! But you seem to be complaining?”


“Yes, my Swami, you are so right. I was really blessed to have you as my husband. I enjoyed the status of a maharani and a goddess. But what about my rights as your wife? What about my identity and dignity? What about my sufferings through indictment and banishment without even a trial? What about the sufferings of our sons who had to live like the destitute?”


Thus explodes the volcano simmering inside the wife’s heart. However, she maintains her dignity as she bares her soul and confronts the system, lawmakers and guardians, leaving her mighty husband tight-lipped and speechless.


A heart wrenching story of Sita seeking justice for herself and her sons, as she tries to surmise her identity and place in her family and society. A work of fictional poetry by Pushpa Bansal as she takes her first steps into the world of English literature.

Hey, Ram!: Are you listening!! by Pushpa Bansal

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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