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What affirms our humanity, enduring beyond our barbarism? Where is home, in a world beleaguered by climate crisis, pandemic and genocide? Hunchprose is Ranjit Hoskote's fierce, poignant testament to these urgencies.

The title of this dazzling new collection asserts poetry's claim to be heard above the buzz of data, to transform language, broken by history, into music. Vibrant with linguistic experiment, Hunchprose weaves unpredictable patterns, celebrates our plural selves. In the erasure of ancient scripts, the melting Arctic ice, a lion tamer's primal fear, we recognize vulnerability and rupture. A dancer's courage, a leather worker's revolutionary promise, a locksmith's passion for ruins inspire us to redeem ourselves through love, doubt, hope and dream.

Infused with wry humour, informed by the wisdom traditions, Hunchprose urges us to look at our world, and within ourselves, with renewed ardour.

Hunchprose by Ranjit Hoskote

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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