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This is a straight-talking book on dating, first-time sex, abusive relationships, pregnancy, parenting and dodging the tripwires of old mid-life crisis, empty nest, menopause and invisibility.


Politically incorrect and funny, Bevinda Collaco arms you with a ‘bullshit radar’ and a compatibility questionnaire, to recognise and forestall the pain in relationships. She helps you turn life’s crap into rich manure for personal growth and have good fun while doing that. She even gives you ideas for putting the fun into your funeral!


I’m Old, I’m Wise, and I Know My Shit, is a blueprint for the unaware woman and the clueless man. This book needs to be read and spread. It is the perfect gift for that close friend or her daughter or yours who struggles to see her own self-worth sometimes.

I'm Old, I'm Wise and I Know My Shit by Bevinda Collaco

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