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One of India’s legendary poets, Bharathiyar has touched the hearts of millions across the world with his motivational poems that are infused with spiritual and humanitarian contemplations. The powerful imagery and vigour of his poems emphasize our age-old cultural values and reverberate in the hearts of the young and old alike. As a poet with a universal vision, he is often compared to some of the greatest poets of the world, including Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats.

I Sing the Glory of This Land is an English translation of Bharathiyar’s poems in Tamil by Dr M. Rajaram. Unique in its elegance, simplicity and rhythm, the book takes readers on a discovery of India in all its diversity. From the creation of a progressive society with greater freedom for women, to the unmatched virtues of valour and wisdom of our great land, this book reinforces why Bharathiyar is considered a universal icon.

Dr Rajaram’s love for Tamil and his taste for poetry have been instrumental in his translations of Bharathiyar’s poems in a simple and lucid style, without sacrificing their original grace.

I Sing the Glory of this Land by M. Rajaram

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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