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A teenaged Anita fights with her first wave of infatuation, a grownup girl goes through crests and troughs of her various firsts, a married woman struggles with the meanderings of her mind at various stages of her married life, a love story told from a child observer's perspective and a story of a man's yearning to feel hisroots in another part of the globe, in another world.

Mundane details of ordinary lives and the darker recesses of the minds of these marginalized characters are played with strokes of myriad colours to bring forth the strangeness, unpredictability and adventure that life holds for all of us.

In Search of Lost Life is a collection of tales of broken hearts, unstable minds, lust and love. These narratives are woven around characters caught in webs created by their minds and the struggle to fit into the societal norms.

In Search of Lost Life by Suravi Sharma Kumar

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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