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Rajiv Vij, a leading life and executive coach, believes the path to outstanding leadership lies in embracing the journey we take within ourselves.


Anchored in the principles of personal mastery, Rajiv describes how deepening your self-awareness, learning to regulate your emotional triggers and reforming your conditioned beliefs, aligning your life and work to a higher purpose, and consistently taking personal responsibility for your actions not only makes you an inspirational leader, but also directly contributes to your personal happiness, balance and fulfilment.


Founded in the belief that every good leader can become great, Inside-Out Leadership describes a clear pathway for leaders to discover and fulfil their potential. Drawing on his extensive coaching experience and responding to the most significant challenges faced by contemporary leaders, Rajiv reveals, for the first time, the powerful inner journey of self-discovery that has worked for so many leaders and shares empowering insights, tools and practical ideas to support you in discovering your own greater self—both as a leader and as a person.

Inside-Out Leadership by Rajiv Vij

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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