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A curse, an evil-eye, a spell, or the demon - IT FOLLOWS YOU... in different forms. Evil lurks at every corner, ready to follow you when you least expect it, waiting to take a macabre turn.


Twelve lives. Multiple curses. One Fear.

Traversing through the dingy lanes of the hinterland to busy streets of metro cities, these stories will tap your fears, make you question your beliefs, and leave you thinking.


Are you really alone?

Somewhere in between the periphery of believe-it-or-not, these twelve lives experience the untold in unimaginable ways, where evil follows them... choking, haunting, and crushing their spirits. Slithering into their dreams and trapping them. Will they survive? Or scumble to evil?


From the best-selling author of Check-in Check out-and the Horrors within, comes a collection of twelve crisp, fast-paced and uncanny stories, which will take you on a thrilling ride of mystery, adventure,and horror. These stories will make your skin crawl and stay on your mind for a long time.


You can't run, you can't hide.

It knows where you reside.

It knows your smell, your breath.

It wants to see through your eyes, and speak

through your throat.

Sucking you bit by bit, it stays till your existence ceases.

Don't move a bone and don't turn back!

It Follows You by Pantth Keran Joshi

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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