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The atrocities of the Rakshasas are on the rise and Raavan is rapidly expanding his empire beyond the southern peninsula into the northern plains, the epicentre of the Aryan culture. The great seers of Jambudweep come together to counter the offensive and the Princess of Kaikeya is espoused to play a pivotal role into their scheme of things.


The dream of a unified Jambudweep with Aryan dominance, which was a dream of the sages, suddenly becomes her own vision.


What sacrifices Kaikeyi must endure to see that her dream of an Akhand Bharat comes true? Does she possess the fortitude that would take her efforts to the logical end? Will she succeed in her plans or the seers will have their own way? Only time will tell.


It is the story of the Aryan conquest of the South India. It is also the story of a fearless woman who reshaped the world forever and is destined to be reviled and hated for it.

Kaikeyi: The Warrior Queen of Koshala by Jai Shukla

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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