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Budding archaeologist Tara Singh has been excavating the ruins near Khajuraho for two years, hoping to discover a new temple. In the process, she's discovered that she has a slight crush on her boss, eminent archaeologist Hari Varma. But the man Tara is truly fascinated by is the Chandela King Vidyadhara, who built the crowning jewel of the complex - the Kandariya Mahadeva temple - 'the one with the most sex stuff on its walls'.


Tara's curiosity is about to be satisfied when she runs into Kala Devi, a tantric who sends her back in time to 1022 CE. Now, armed only with an unwieldy sword and her wits, Tara finds herself trapped in the medieval world of queens, concubines, courtiers and, of course, the King himself, who is everything she'd imagined - only sexier.


As she scrambles to find a way back home, Tara begins to wonder why she was sent here in the first place. A heady cocktail of romance and history, this delicious tale will leave you thirsting for more

Kama's Last Sutra by Trisha Das

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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