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Can food lead Tara Taneja to love?

Tara Taneja lives in the small town of Siyaka; she runs a Mathematics Tuition Centre and works at her grandfather's sweets shop, Lallan Sweets.
Nikku Sabharwal, her long lost best friend and crush, returns to Siyaka after many years. Sparks fly between them, as an adventure awaits.

The laddoos at Lallan Sweets are made from a secret magic ingredient. Lalaji, Tara's grandfather, retires and decides that Lallan Sweets will not be inherited, but must be earned. So he devises a quest for his three grandchildren, Tara, Rohit and Mohit to find the magic ingredient. Whoever discovers it first will run the shop.

Nikku joins Tara in her pursuit to outsmart her cousins. The quest takes them from Mathura to Ludhiana, and together they battle old Family secrets, family legacies and unexpected dangers. Will the journey bring them together or lead to a bittersweet end?

Lallan Sweets is a heartwarming tale about love, family, food and the little things that matter in life.

Lallan Sweets: Where Food Leads to Love by Srishti Chaudhary

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