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Life Well Cruised is a close-to-the-heart account of a marine engineer’s fascinating life on commercial ships and ashore as well. 


The story begins right from the days as a student cadet as the author trains and prepares himself for an arduous seafaring journey ahead. The book also vividly portrays the incredible voyages on commercial ships across seas, the several ups and downs and mind-blowing experiences on and off the shore. 


From the port of Mumbai, across the Strait of Gibraltar and the Panama Canal, to the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean oceans, the book takes readers on a thrilling expedition to different ports and places. 


Interspersed with details of engines and machinery, the problems and perils at sea, and the innovative ways in which the author finds solutions with limited resources, the book is a must-read for all aspiring marine engineers and anyone who enjoys adventures. 


The author makes enduring friendships and everlasting memories that make the often lonely voyages away from family worthwhile. 


Life Well Cruised is a tale of endurance, courage and perseverance in the face of unexpected encounters and challenges. The experiences and anecdotes shared by the author are not just reflections of life at sea but life in general as well

Life Well Cruised: Adventurous Stories From Life at Sea by Uday Ranadive

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