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'Like It Happened Yesterday' is about a childhood gone bye. By way of a fictional journey, the author recaptures stories about school, hounding examinations, essential vaccinations and other mores that are part of anyone's childhood spent in smaller cities and towns of the country.


The book captures the author’s emotions beautifully he felt when growing up. The storytelling is vivid and intense for one can feel the serenity, enthusiasm, pain and joy through the pages. Be it starting out in school with a first day in class among strange kids, the biting pain of a hurtful tooth when it struck for the first time and other such stories that we all can relate to easily.


The story also goes back to a time when life was simple and gadgets did not rule much of all your daily activities. The book is all about small pleasures of life which have become a rarity now. The author makes the readers see the world through the eyes of a child, which makes the the whole journey inspiring and nostalgic.


Like it Happened Yesterday is a good read and makes us reflect upon our own growing up years bringing back many sheltered memories of childhood. Most readers can relate to the authors indulgences and feel that he may have been writing about them.

Like it Happened Yesterday by Ravinder Singh

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