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He was India’s ‘Dosa King’. She, a beautiful, married woman, was his employee’s daughter. He became obsessed with her. And would stop at nothing to get her . . . The story of lust, black magic, kidnapping and murder that led to the downfall of one of India’s most brilliant entrepreneurs When P. Rajagopal, founder of the famous Saravana Bhavan restaurant chain, was arrested for murder, it sent shock waves throughout the country.


A gripping true-crime thriller, this is the first full story of the meteoric rise and dramatic fall of the brilliant entrepreneur, already married to two women, whose lust for a third woman led him to plan a cold-blooded killing. A riveting page-turner, Murder on the Menu follows the trail of the murder plot over eight districts of Tamil Nadu. It describes the courtroom dramas that took place as the case dragged on for eighteen long years even as Rajagopal’s empire continued to grow and prosper, and tracks his life from his humble beginnings in a sleepy village to his shocking end just days after the Supreme Court upheld his life sentence for murder.

Murder on the Menu by Nirupama Subramanian

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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