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Demons, Gods, starry maids, and war messengers. What do all these have to do with the Tamil God Muruga? Have you heard about "Uchchaissravas," the white horse? Or "Vaasuki," the five- headed snake? Do you know how many vehicles Muruga has? Or how he was born? NO? THAT is why you have to pick up this book right now.

Lord Muruga's stories, through the voice of a 11- year old. This book has enchanting and captivating stories of the ever-loved God of War. A feast of fantasy, for young and old readers alike. Use this as a colouring book as well. Come indulge in this reading fest, and take a ride through mythology with Shraddha Anu Shekar.

Muruga – The God of War by Shraddha Anu Shekar

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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