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Radha and Krishna have been worshipped as a couple for so many ages. Despite this, why is Rãdhã not listed as one of Krishna’s 16,000 wives?

There are many unasked and unanswered questions about the relationship of Rãdhã and Krishna. Due to many myths and folklore, the divine relationship is mistaken as unethical. Rãdhã is said to have been married to Rayan. At the same time, there are numerous stories of Krishna’s and her amorous pastime in the isolated woods of the Vrindavan. It is also said that once Krishna left Vrindavan, he didn’t turn back to Rãdhã. Are all these the partial truths, are they facts or just white lies?

My Affair with Rãdhã is a book that unfolds many untold stories about Rãdhã and Krishna—stories beyond their birth, about their passionate love and love-making, about the reason behind their incarnation and separation, stories about their reunion and return from planet Earth. It is an attempt to glorify the divine love.

My Affair with Radha by Kunal Desai

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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