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What happens when the dynamics within a group of best friends changes forever?


Maahi, Samar, Ahana, Aadi, Hiya, Mayank and Poorvi are BFFs, while Ishiqa is a late entry into the group. Ahana is Samar’s little sister and plays cupid to Samar and Maahi. Unfortunately, Samar and Maahi’s paradisiacal bubble is burst as differences begin to surface. Mayank and Poorvi’s relationship is in jeopardy, when Mayank falls for Ishiqa. Poorvi fights back, Mayank and Poorvi end up marrying eventually. Ishiqa gets hitched to a wealthy NRI, but her marriage is doomed from the word go.


Hiya, meanwhile, finds a soulmate who helps her heal from the scars of a traumatic childhood. Ahana and Aadi also tie the knot. While on the surface they are an ideal couple, something seems amiss. These friends reunite on a cruise more than a decade later and sparks fly. However, the outbreak of leads to an abrupt end to their vacation. They return to their respective lives, but nothing will ever be the same.


Debutant author Deepti Singh Gupta creates a delectable melange of love, longing, ecstasy, agony, intimacy and heartbreak.

My Suitcase Heart by Deepti Singh Gupta

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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