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These are good stories: interesting, well told, and fun to read or listen to. The Bhagavatam’s message may be uniform, but it is never bland, and the variety of stories here and in the text as a whole gives its message nuance and broad appeal… This collection has some of the Bhagavatam’s best… Enjoy them as good stories should be enjoyed.


Amal Bhakta continues to break new ground in the exciting contemporary renaissance of classical wisdom. In an age hungry for authentic spiritual and moral wisdom, Amal Bhakta’s charming rendition of twenty-six timeless stories from the Bhagavatam will surely make these enchanting tales more accessible to general readers.


Unforgettable tales that for many centuries have inspired and entertained the East now flow easily into the West from the pen of this gifted writer. This book discover how a criminal is saved from hell by uttering God’s name, a yogi transforms his aged body into a young one, a dead child is revived and speaks the heighest wisdom, a prince enters a forbidden forest and turn into a princess and many more.

Mystical Stories from the Bhagavatam by Amal Bhakta

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