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Indian mythology is a teeming storehouse of heroes and heroines, who are psychological studies in themselves. Did you know, for instance, how Krishna's son, who was his father's alter ego, tackled the curse to be the destroyer of his entire clan? Did you know that sage Gargi was the only lady amongst legendary sages who competed for the prize for the greatest sage in the sub-continent? Did you know that Sahadev, the youngest Pandava, had qualities lacking in any of his other, better-known brothers? Did you know that Shakuni is actually a tragic hero?

Myth and the Mind is a collection of six short stories about very interesting personalities in Indian mythology. These men and women are all great, and they are all human beings in whom we will all discover a small part of ourselves.

Myth and the Mind: Psychological Tales of Mythological Characters by Indrani Deb

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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