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Pardwa - An Untold Story has a periodic biographical narration. The story covers the lives of a couple whose love was rejected by the whims and fancies of some relatives, and how the couple fought together and brought up their siblings and children. It’s a lesson for the present generation that prefers nuclear families. With their sacrifices, the couple brought their siblings to succeed and reach a top position. Mohan has brilliantly covered each episode in detail by narrating the surrounding conditions of the places, lifestyles of the region from 1900 to 1985. Some of the episodes depict incidents in beautiful paintings for the readers’ delight. The author’s mother, Smt. Dwaraka, was a pious lady and she had darshan of Sri. Ragavendra Swami at Mantralayam. Mohan, as a small boy, had darshan of the Swami along with his mother, which is mentioned in one of the episodes. There were many such incidents in their life and it is an opportunity for the readers to have a different experience and travel along with the time of the story. 


The author also gives a historical story of how their surname, Nallan Chakravarthi, was bestowed by Lord Sri. Maha Vishnu Himself and their connections to Kancheepuram and Tirumala. These were also explained through wonderful paintings. 


It is a boon to all book enthusiasts and hope they encourage us to publish more monumental works of different fields.

Pardwa - An Untold Story by Nallan C Mohan

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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