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It gives everyone irrespective of their educational capabilities the ability to enjoy the shower of devotion as propounded by the saint in his work. Everyone can perceive and experience in the inner realms, the divine nature of the characters and the incidents depicted therein. The person who chants “Raghunayaka Guna Gaan”  will cross the ocean of birth and death peacefully and happily.


One who takes to austere life without lust entering in to it reaches Supreme Bliss. True, that the work of the great Sant Tulasidas will give all that is needed by one in this life. True also that, one who does not know Hindi or does not understand even the very simple Hindi of Sant Tulasidas will do well to chant this book of commentary on ‘Sri Ramcharitmanas’ to get all that is needed by him in this life.


This work also shows the necessity for TOTAL SURRENDER to the Supreme as enunciated by the Gurus following Lord Vishnu.

Pearls of Wisdom by K V Vijayalakshmi

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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