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Evelyn is kidnapped in the dead of the night by a ten-headed monster. When Maahir decides to find her, he learns that evil in the form of Ravana has taken rebirth and now the epic fight must be repeated. Plagued by demons of his own, Maahir sets off on a dangerous path along with Camila, a Greek demi-god with special powers.


But what Maahir doesn’t know is that Camila and Evelyn have a history of their own. With Gods relying on him heavily, he gathers forces to form an invincible army; while Evelyn comes face-to-face with Ravana’s vengeful son. To save the world and themselves, Maahir, Evelyn and Camila will have to risk everything.

Rama & The Palace Of Evil by Liana Yadav

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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