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The Ramayana is a crucial part of Indian literature and is the story of Lord Rama s journey. The events that are described in the Ramayana are supposed to have been a part of our history and tell us about the importance of relationships and the duties that come with it.

The Ramayana is one among the two greatest Hindu epics. It revolves around the life of Rama and his loved ones. Upon reading the Ramayana, one will realize that it portrays many ideal characters like the ideal wife, the ideal brother, the ideal servant, the ideal king and the ideal father.

In the story, Rama s beautiful wife, Sita, gets abducted by the King of Lanka, Ravana. From this point is where the most essential events unfold. The text consists of 24, 000 verses in a total of seven books and 500 cantos. It is best known to spread knowledge about dharma and explores the concept to a great length.

The Ramayana has influenced Sanskrit poetry and Indian culture. It is a tale that is told to every Hindu child during their growing years so as to make them aware of their religious roots and its strong values.

Ramayana by C Rajagopalachari

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