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Remember how our mothers and grandmothers would spend time in the kitchen, sharing their stories and exchanging recipes from each other's homes without writing them down? 

Between chopping, sauteing, grinding and frying a varierty of ingredients, and the aroma of home-cooked food laid out on the dinner table, families forged bonds that withstood the test of time. Now the connections we made through oral storytelling have dissapeared because of rise of modern-day nuclear families where children see their parents once in a couple of months. 

The truth, however, remains that no matter how many countries we travel to and live in, or how many expensive meals we eat at Michelin-star restaurants, the magic of our mothers' cooking never fades away.

In Recipes for Life, Sudha Menon attempts to recreate those memories and the magic of the food we grew up with and cherish. The book is replete with stories, anecdotes and recipes from the homes of some of India's much admired and accomplished people.

Recipes for Life by Sudha Menon

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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