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Ability is an important tool in life. Ability without commitment and awareness is like a vehicle without the engine. The Shiva Sutra enhances one's awareness in a way one sees an opportunity in a difficulty and not a difficulty in an opportunity. There is an 'outside reality' and an 'inside reality' of one's mind. There is also another dimension called 'spiritual reality'. To harmonize all of them is a great awakening.


Ordinary being loves one's own 'psycho dramas' of justification, proving one's point of view, blaming, being helpless and this leads one to a state of inner poverty. To free oneself from these lower states of poverty and see them as 'errors in one's thinking' is part of being effective and experiencing inner prosperity.


The profound teaching of Lord Shiva introduces us to a bigger container where one learns to be charitable to one's own self. This practice of making a bigger container is essentially spiritual. Dive deep into these mystic teachings. - Swami Sukhabodhananda.

Shiva Sutras by Swami Sukhabodhananda

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