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Shrimad Bhagavata is renowned as one of the greatest compositions in Sanskrit Literature. The 18th Purana composed by Maharishi Veda-Vyasa, it stands unparalleled in its distinct and resplendent exaltation of devotion to God, revealing throughout the quintessence of Vedantic teachings. Masterfully profound and delightfully enchanting, Shrimad Bhagavata abounds in work-paintings of the supremem Lord's wondrous and endearing avatars, divine sports and devotees - paintings that kindle, intensity and establish devotion in one's heart.


This spring of devotion leads one to satsang, to the Guru and to teachings that unveil one's essential nature of Brahman.

Shrimad Bhagavata by Swami Tejomayananda

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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