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Shrutakirti was the daughter of king Kushadhwaj, king Janak's younger brother and queen Chandrabhaga. All the sisters Sita, Mandavi, Urmila and Shrutakirti grew up together like the most revered princesses of Mithila. Shrutakirti though youngest was most ardent learner of mythological discourse and was the best sword fighter. She protested to get married for being too young but on Sita's assurance and her liking for Shatrughan eventually married.


When Ram, Sita and Laxman were away in forest, Bharat and Mandavi in Nandigram as hermits, Urmila in deep sleep, it was Shrutakirti who managed the affairs of kingdom along with her husband. She created a peaceful atmosphere at the palace for three queen mothers. A lot has been written about the sacrifices of Sita, Laxman, Bharat, Mandavi and Urmila but a very little about Shrutakirti that were no less.


She protested against Ram for asking Sita's fire test and she passed through the phase of anguish and hate against Ram when her eldest sister Sita was consumed by mother earth. Much more than what's available in Valmiki and Tulsi Ramayan. The best would be to read and explore Shrutakirti (Sita's Sister).

Shrutakirti by Devi Raghuvanshi

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