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We journey inside Sita’s mind, to the steely core which sustains her through a life of stark privation and abundant emotional riches, both.


As she contemplates hymns and the very meaning of life, we see a woman evolved far beyond her time, a woman who speaks to us today, out of the narrative of one of the oldest epics. 


Set in the Vedic times of ancient India, Sita narrates the story of her turbulent life intimately, detailing her deepest despairs, grief and horrors, and her profound love for Ram. This is a spirited and enduring Sita calmly recollecting her transformation at various stages of her life, from an abandoned infant to a cherished princess, a delightful bride to a dissolute hermit in exile, a captive of an enemy to a queen, and culminating as a poor, homeless mother of twin boys in an ashram.


Ancient India’s geographical, social, intellectual and cultural portraits accompany Sita gracefully, throughout her journey.

Sita: Now You Know Me by Sini Panicker

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