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Ever felt jealous of your skinny friends? Ever wondered how they maintain their enviable figures? Ever gotten to hear responses like ‘Oh! I’ve got good genes’ or ‘I am blessed with a great metabolism’ when you asked these skinny friends about the secret behind it all? Yes? Well, take a deep breath, and now, call them all liars! Wait, wait, not to their faces obviously, not unless they are extremely obnoxious and you don’t mind their absence from your life!


But, yes, they are all lying and this book will tell you everything you need to know about the tricks they use to stay slim! And trust me, even the best and the closest of your skinny friends will not acknowledge the existence of these tricks! It’s a trade secret for them, one they will take to their Graves if they can. And there are quite a few of these tricks! Well, here we go with unveiling all of them!.

Ten Things Your Skinny Friends Don't Tell You by Keerthi Yella

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