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In the past few years, the popularity of yoga as the ultimate key to fitness, both physical and mental, has resulted in a plethora of books, videos and audio tapes designed to guide a learner through the various asanas prescribed by the Yogasutra.


Everyday Yoga goes one step further by telling you not merely how to practise an asana the right way to maximum effect, but also how best to share your knowledge and teach others the theory and practice of yoga. It is like a textbook in its approach: lesson by lesson, you are introduced first to the basics and then to the more advanced levels of practice.


Alongside the text, the illustrations allow you to understand exactly how the body should be moved and positioned without fear of error or injury. Crucially, there is also a clear exposition of the benefits to be drawn from each asana, and details of how best to get relief from common problems like backache, diabetes and arthritis through yoga. Other useful information includes notes on the ideal time for practising an asana, the right clothes to be worn and the right diet for the yoga practitioner.


Easily one of the best and most comprehensive handbooks on the ancient Indian science of health, Everyday Yoga is a classic in its own right.

Everyday Yoga by Yogeswar

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