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What's haunting Bollywood's reigning king?


Late 1990s, Mumbai.


Superstar RK is traumatized by the inexplicable wails that have begun echoing

through his sprawling heritage home. Is the superstar really being haunted? Or could the

screams have something to do with his latest movie, a blockbuster about a haunted house?


Enter former supermodel, the glamourous Akruti Rai, and the street-savvy Parvati Samant, private

investigators with their own detective agency.


As the plot thickens, and those around RK begin succumbing to what seems like supernatural malice, Akruti and Parvati must solve a crime set against a backdrop of suspicion and fear. After all, they wouldn't want RK's lady love, the stunning screen ingenue Alena, to become the next victim.

The Bollywood Affair by Gauri Sinh

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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