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Lakshmi is banished from vishnulok because of a fight among Vishnu’s three wives. She is cursed to be born on Earth with the promise that eventually she will get back her Vishnu. In her birth as Vedavati, she does penance for Vishnu but her tapsya is shattered by Ravana. She commits Sati after putting a curse on him, without attaining Vishnu.


Born as Sita, although she is married to Vishnu, reincarnated as Ram, he keeps rejecting her in favor of his duties toward the people of Ayodhya. She dies a sad, bitter woman, not really having attained her Vishnu. In her birth as Radha, she is the Sakha of Krishna and is always considered his consort but never gets to marry him. In her final birth, as Mira, she finally realizes the truth about herself and Vishnu.

The Consorts by Savita Singh

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