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Where do you plan to holiday this season?

Why don’t you embark on an adventurous journey with young Meraki, beyond physical boundaries?

A story filled with anecdotes about Meraki’s life and how her setbacks and problems set her on a journey to the unknown inner world, are sure to enrapture you. On her journey, she discovers the mystery behind her thoughts, breath, emotions, silence and stillness.

Drawing a parallel with our inner self, this soul-stirring experience will uncover how we are constantly guided by the unknown universal power. As Meraki dives through layers of her inner world, be prepared to be amazed when she discover her powerful self.

Will Meraki be able to communicate with Universal Language as she encounters a ferocious tiger during her solitary stay?

This is an inspiring tale celebrating the strength of the young girl, her inner-world, adventures she sets off on and on a different note, how these sojourns empower one to bring forth their powerful presence.

The Day I Met My Soul by Meeta Gupta

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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