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An Ethical and a just man.

A Strong and a brave warrior.

A Radiant and a pure soul.

A true king.


Born to an unwed mother, he was an unwanted child who was pushed away like trash. When you are neglected from birth, there is nothing in your life but misery. He struggled each day to gain respect and recognition from society. He fought all the frustrations and ridicule with grace. His life was a living hell, but still, he survived. Through all the odds, he fought like a warrior and lived with dignity and honour.


Every door that could lead him to a happy life was shut. He was stuck with people whose ideology he did not agree with, still he kept his promise and did not leave them. No one could make him break his promise to Duryodhan. He did not have any friends or social status that could give him some opportunities. His only possession was his talent, he made it his treasure. He lived to become the best archer but died to become the most tragic hero the world ever had.


This story has the hidden details of Karna’s childhood, his love for his second wife Supriya, and how he became a student of the most learned men of that era, and much more. This is the emotional saga of the right man on the wrong side.


Beautifully perfect and perfectly flawed!

The Flawed Good Man by Sanskriti Singh

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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