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In their twilight years, people increasingly rely on friends and family to get through the day. In Indian homes, it is not unusual to see adult children sandwiched between parenting and caregiving obligations, with both young children and elderly parents in the house.

The Home Stretch is an empathetic, handy guide that seeks to simplify caregiving and equip readers with the tools and guidance required to build a safer, happier and more comfortable life for the elders around them. From tips on maintaining their health and independence to taking care of the bedridden, the book covers a wide range of topics to meet the progressively complicated needs associated with caring for ageing loved ones.

A product of the author's years of caregiving experience and interactions with countless doctors, counsellors, senior citizens and other family caregivers, this book has the ability to transform how we look at ageing and the aged.

The Home Stretch by Sanjay Dattatri

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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