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“Real love sets you free from the clutches of expectation.”

ANUSHKAA - A chirpy girl with big dreams and a bigger heart. She was chasing her dreams when she lost the love of her life. Despite that, she did not give up on her dreams, nor did she stop believing in love.

ABHIMANYU – Young and dynamic, he is spearheading his company with gusto. The complete opposite of Anushkaa in many ways, he is equally passionate about work and achieving his dreams.
When they meet, sparks fly! They fall in love with each other’s imperfections.
Will love claim Anushkaa's heart again? Will she accept Abhimanyu?

There are many surprises in store for Anushkaa and Abhimanyu as they venture into The Journey of Our Love.

The Journey of Our Love by Deesha Sangani

  • Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks

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